Did you know Truffles™ generates hundreds and thousands of potential names per project? But we only present you with the Crème de la Crème by evaluating our names using the essential 7Ps of Naming


1. Purpose

How relevant is the name to the company / product / service purpose?


2. Personality

Is the name emotive or human, and how well does it express the company / product / service personality or authenticity?


3. Positioning

Is the name distinctive and how clearly does it stand out from the competition?


4. PResentation

Is the name visually appealing, and how well do its 'looks' match the brand (e.g. is the name's composition symmetrical or asymmetrical, ordered or chaotic?)



Is the name simple to say in its target countries, and how well does the sound of the name match the brand (e.g. do the letters and sounds convey meaning of hard or soft, loud or quiet, beauty or rugged?)



Does the name have an element of magic that moves it away from the mundane making it share-worthy, and does it make people want to lean in and learn more?



How likely are you to be able to own the name and protect it from competitors or conflict, and are you able to trademark it?