A Truffles Case Study — Giving DNA the upper hand in branding

In October 2017, DNA Electrical Systems recognised they needed to improve their marketing and branding efforts. They had transitioned from an electrical startup to a burgeoning business across the Adelaide metropolitan region, and like many new ventures they had outgrown their current brand identity. DNA Electrical turned to Truffles to give them the upper hand in branding.


Truffles Creative Director, Adam Diggens, determined DNA operate in a homogeneous industry — all electricians are perceived by the public as offering the same services — which makes it difficult for customers to choose one electrician over another. The challenge was to develop a simple but memorable slogan. Armed with this slogan, DNA would be able to communicate their value to customers within seconds, and in turn give them a competitive edge.


In order to pen a successful slogan, Truffles held a Brand Discovery Workshop with DNA Directors Daniel Griguol and Adam McLeod.

The purpose of the workshop was to get a clear picture of DNA’s target market, define their value, discover their brand personality, and analyse their competition. In under 90 minutes, Adam took Daniel and Adam through four important exercises — customer personas, value propositions, brand archetypes, and competitive positioning.

Great creativity starts with strategy: A Truffles Brand Discovery Workshop in action

Great creativity starts with strategy: A Truffles Brand Discovery Workshop in action


Truffles uncovered important insights from the workshop results:

Insight #1 —DNA’s speciality lies in delivering fully automated electrical systems to an affluent market, rather than run-of-the-mill electrical services. Therefore it was important that DNA delivered a distinguished marketing message that spoke directly with wealthy customers.

Insight #2 — One of DNA’s most valuable feature is their work ‘smarts’ by designing and installing intelligent electrical systems for customers. The resulting benefit and impact of this feature is that the automated systems simplify customers’ lives and affords them more relaxation.

Insight #3 — DNA pride themselves on impeccable work ethics, which means they turn up on time, pay attention to little details to perfect the installation, and always clean up after themselves. This means that customers can feel at ease when working with DNA.

Taking into account these insights, Truffles created the slogan:

We’re switched on. So you can switch off.

The slogan uses mnemonic devices such as repetition (switched/switch), reversals (on/off) and double entendre to ensure the slogan stands out and is easy to recall.

“Naturally, the slogan has an intentional wordplay of ‘switch’, which relates it back to the electrical world,” said Adam Diggens. “But more importantly, the simple message of this slogan is that the DNA guys know their stuff, and that you can relax because you’re in safe hands.

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