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Frequently Asked Questions


While no one knows as much about their business as you, when it comes to naming ask yourself: do your really live and breathe branding, languages and linguistics, or semantics and semiotics? At Truffles, we do.

Do you believe naming is simply about choosing a brand name that you like? Basing one of the most important marketing decisions you’ll make on subjectivity, or compromising your brand at the hands of a committee, is surely a recipe for disaster … or at best a really really bland brand name.

It may shock you to know that naming can and should be based on sound brand strategy. Successful naming is about setting clear business objectives from the start of every project. Then ensuring your name is relevant to your customers, remains true to your company, and stands out from your competition. And finally validating the final name chosen against the agreed naming criteria.

When it's all said and done, a name will be used more often than anything else you’ll spend money on. It’s an investment in your future that will outlast your laptop, office location and even your most dedicated employees.


Truffles™ offers three packages: Truffles™ Blue, Truffles™ Black and Truffles™ White. All of our packages aren’t set in stone and can be tailored to suit each client and their specific needs.

We’re aware you can get a name on SquadHelp for under $500 from faceless strangers —often keyboard warriors or even kids who have no expertise in branding and are happy to regurgitate a bunch of names without ever knowing anything about your business. And on the other end of the spectrum, if you have the budget you can spend up to $100,000 on a name from the good folks over at Lexicon who brought you hits such as BlackBerry®, Pentium® and PowerBook®.

We’re not the cheapest namers going around, but we’re definitely not the most expensive either. We’re a boutique consultancy with fair prices for companies who require turn-key project management and cut-through brand names that simply work.

For more information and a package breakdown comparison, contact Truffles™ today.


While every project is unique and can be tailored accordingly, Truffles™ offers three packages with fixed times. Our Truffles™ Blue package aimed at small businesses takes 3 weeks to complete. Truffles™ Black is aimed at medium enterprises and takes 6 weeks to complete. And Truffles™ White is aimed at large corporations and takes 8 weeks to complete. For more information and a package breakdown comparison, contact Truffles™ today.

What's your process?

We won’t share the nitty-gritty details of our brand naming formula here for obvious reasons (sorry competitors), but we’re happy to provide a brief overview of our process which is based on four simple but essential steps: define, discover, create, evaluate.

Truffles will learn everything we can about you and your business objectives and define your naming goals up front. Then we’ll conduct a workshop with you (in person or online) to discover your Relevance, Authenticity and Distinction (R.A.D™). These R.A.D™ ingredients act like filters to weed out the weak names from the strong during our exploration phase where we create hundreds of names. Finally we'll evaluate our names based on the 7Ps of Naming™, including a legal pre-screening from one of Australia’s premier trademark attorneys* for final candiates.

Our strategic four-step process surely beats cracking open a bottle of red in the hopes that creative genius will strike, or trying to herd cats by getting everyone's egos to to agree upon a name that they ‘like’.


Imagine asking five accountants to do your tax for free, and you'll only pay the CPA who gets you the best tax return. Or going to a silver service restaurant, sampling five courses, and you'll only pay for the plate that you think tastes the best. Sounds absurd doesn't it? But it happens in the creative industry.

Some organisations host a competition between creative agencies, expecting these experts to perform free work, from which they'll choose a winner. But there are no winners with spec work. It's bad for the agencies, but it's really bad for businesses.

From time to time we get asked to do spec work (free pitching). Truffles does not engage in spec work. It undermines what our business stands for, which is delivering a premium service and a precise solution based upon in-depth research and analysis of your business. Without a clear brief, trying to deliver an effective solution is like a blind man looking for a black cat in a dark room that isn't there. Put simply, asking creative agencies to perform free work without a proper brief leads to a vapid inept solution.

Not only that, spending time doing 'free pitching' without promise of payment penalises creative agencies from earning money from genuine clients, who are prepared to pay a specialist what they're worth and what they're owed. It's only fair.

What’s three good reasons why we should HIRE YOU?

If you’ve done a google search on naming agencies, you probably already know that we’re the only dedicated strategic naming consultancy firm in Adelaide, Australia. And we’re the only namers in the world who can create names using our unique Relevant, Authentic and Distinctive (R.A.D™) filters, ingredients at the heart of all successful brands, and then evaluate them using the essential 7Ps of Naming™. For instance FLINT™ Custom Cycles, HYENA™ Hunt & Gather Marketplace, OPIUM™ Homes, and MULTIVERSE™ Creative Agency.


We’re not the fastest namers out there and that’s a good thing. Some agencies or online services will promise to deliver names in just days without getting to know your business. We won’t waste your time by quickly coming up with names that a) don’t meet your business objectives, b) won’t resonate with your customers, or c) will fall over when it comes to trademarking. Agility is important but quality is king.


Beware the generalist marketing agency who says they can name your company, product or service. These ‘jack of all trades’ are no ‘masters of naming’. They typically split their time between creating visual identities, building websites, or dreaming up advertising. At Truffles, we simply do naming.

What if I Don't LIke ANY of the Names?

While it is human nature to want to ‘like’ a name, ‘liking’ should never be the criteria upon which a name is selected. If you work with Truffles, we’ll never ask you if you 'like' a name. At the risk of sounding arrogant, 'liking' a name is the icing on the truffle (see what I did there?).

We will make sure that our names meet your business objectives, solve the naming challenge you’ve presented, and that they ‘work’ for you and your customers. We’re specialists prescribing a solution to your problem.

If you decide at the end of the process that you don't like any of the names, but our names meet the naming criteria we've both agreed upon, you're still obligated to pay us for our hard work. It's like working with a construction company to design and build your home and then not 'liking' it' when the final brick is in place. Unfortunately, you'll still need to pay the company for their parts, labour and construction. 


Truffles™ prides itself on offering you a premium unrivalled service, and this means ensuring that we solve your naming challenge. We are happy to offer an exclusive 'no-name, no-fee' guarantee, but only under the following (unlikely) circumstances:

  • We fail to deliver name(s) that satisfy the naming criteria, which was agreed upon at the start of the project by Truffles™ and the client

  • All name candidates supplied on the final shortlist fail to pass a 'full' legal search that you conduct using your own trademark attorney

Truffles™ will not refund money paid to us or waive money owed to us in any of the following instances:

  • The client fails to get sign-off from key decision makers on the initial brief and agreed naming objectives

  • Poor or erroneous information is provided to us by the client during the ‘define’ and ‘discover’ phases

  • The client stalls, or is indecisive, because they are unable to get consensus on a name due to too many people involved in the project; Truffles™ recommends one decision maker, and certainly no more than three

  • The client is hung-up on a previous name that was suggested or adopted internally prior to engaging Truffles™

  • The client indicates they want a bold and distinctive name that separates them from their competition, but then is disappointed because they don’t see comfortable and predictable names on the list (please see the prior section 'What if I don't like any of the names?'

  • The client rejects the names based on the notion that they don’t ‘like’ any of the names

  • The client ignores our advice to conduct a ‘full’ legal search on the final name candidate through an attorney prior to usage

At Truffles™, we're interested in delivering a result. In the highly unlikely scenario that none of the candidate names on the final shortlist pass a 'full' legal search that you conduct, we will honour our 'no-name, no-fee' guarantee. Nevertheless, we'd be happier to offer you a free round of naming, so that we ensure we nail your name. After all, it's what you came here for. At the end of the day, we're here to work with you, build a lasting relationship, and never leave you with a problem.

Do you guarantee that the names proposed can be trademarked?

We cannot and do not warrant that the commercial usage of any name selected by the client is free of legal risks or liabilities. Final legal clearance and acceptance of legal risk remains the responsibility of the client. We strongly encourage you to do a full legal search on the final name candidate through an attorney before usage.

Do I own all of the names on the list?

Unless special arrangements have been made with Truffles™, the client is only entitled to one (1) name on the list for your use. All other names created during the project revert back to Truffles.

* Truffles Black and White packages only