Like all effective brand names, our name reminds us of our purpose in business. And beneath the surface, Truffles™ has rich layers of depth and meaning. It stands out among the sea of naming companies who predictably use functional words like "name", "brand" or "word" in their business name. 


When it came to naming our own company, we put ourselves in the customer's shoes and walked the same journey that we'd take you on. The first step we took was setting our naming goals: to create a brand name that reminds us of our commitment to our customers, is true to our personality, and sets us apart from our competition. In other words, it needed to be relevant, authentic and distinctive (R.A.D™). And names created using R.A.D™ Filters are at the core of our naming process. So how does this apply to the name Truffles™?

Relevance (providing value to our customers): We pride ourselves on being experts and strategists. Which means we know right where to look to uncover rare and valuable brand names that are perfectly suited to our clients.

"Truffle hunting is a pursuit, requiring skill, intuition, strategy, and experience"

Authenticity (being true to our company):  If our company were a person, they would be a detective. We're passionate in our pursuit to understand everything about you. And the clues we gather in our investigation let's us know when we've encountered your "true" brand name. 

"Truffle dogs are like detectives that sniff out TREASURES THAT REMAIN HIDDEN TO MOST" 

Distinction (standing out from our competition):  We're not your run of the mill Australian branding agency who do everything from websites to adverts. Instead we focus solely on brand naming. So you know you're getting quality brand names you won't find anywhere else.

"Truffles are delicacies: rare AND highly prized"